Tauro Pro Line by Shernbao Pet Coat Dryer

€ 199,00

Fur Dryer Tauro Pro Line by Shernbao

Tauro Pro Line, a small, lightweight, and modern fur dryer, is ideal for both everyday and professional use. Daily care of the pet's coat or professional preparation of fur for competitions and exhibitions will become a simple and pleasant process.

The dryer with a very comfortable and easy control will please even the most demanding.  The 2200W dryer will dry very quickly and easily even large breeds of the dog.

The most important and convenient accessories included:

  • a wide nozzle that will spread the blowing current widely and allow for a larger area to dry more quickly
  • a round nozzle that concentrates the blowing current on a smaller area
  • a narrow nozzle that concentrates and strengthens the blowing current and allows you to dry the wet coat very quickly, inflate the creeping bean and straighten the fur
  • hose with a handle that protects against heat and allows you to comfortably hold the dryer and concentrate on drying the animal's fur.

Flexible hose and different nozzles allow you to adjust the strength, concentration, and adapt to different types of fur. The hose and filter are easy to remove, clean, and fasten, making them easy to maintain daily.

Powerful but low power using the engine

This dryer has one powerful engine. The 2200W engine dryer has its own power to outperform two engine-equipped dryers. New engine technology allows high power consumption to generate high power, so this fur dryer has a cost-effective electricity consumption

Easy to adjust high airflow, volume, and temperature

  • This dryer improves the internal air circulation structure and flow. This ensures a high flow of inflatable air and volume, thanks to which the coat quickly dries.
  • The adjustable flow of blowing air from slow to ultra-fast will make drying the animal's fur a light pleasure, and most importantly - will be comfortable for the animal.

The elegant, innovative and multifunctional design will allow you to use the coat dryer in the most convenient way:

  • built on a ground, table, or other surface
  • suspended from the ceiling
  • on a stand that holds the hose and facilitates the use of the dryer. 
  • use with a stand and pipe set, with which you will no longer need to hold the dryer in your hands and the drying of the coat will be even more convenient and easier. 

This dryer is distinguished by an improved external design with an elegant polished surface.

Safe and durable

The dryer is made using the highest quality parts that ensure its safety and durability. The improved engine, with a higher force, provides greater blowing power.

For year-round use

This dryer is perfect for use throughout the seasons. Due to its properties, it is especially suitable for a colder climate – very quickly dries any type of fur.



Power: 2200W.

Noise level: 82 dB.

Weight : 5.2 kg.

The blowing power of the dryer is 920 g.

Maximum speed 66000 FPM.

Maximum airflow rate – 250CFM.

The maximum temperature is 46 ° C.

Plug – AU.

Color: white