Fur Growth - Essential Oil

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Fur Growth - Essential Oil

Synergy blend of essential oils maintains the shine and growth of the pet's coat.


The alopecia, loss of coat and shine – a common problem, which is experienced by dogs, cats and other pets. The blend of expressive and fresh-smelling essential oils A’Scentuals FUR Growth is made on the basis of the highest quality standards in order to fight against the coat loss while stimulating their growth and restoring healthy shine.*


The blend A’Scentuals FUR Growth consists of the following natural essential oils:

  • Cedarwood Atlas can help to stimulate coat growth
  • Rosemary that can help to improve blood circulation, strengthen the hair follicle, and stimulate the growth of new and healthy hair. This essential oil can enhance your pet’s coat and make it healthy and shiny looking
  • Clary Sage, which can also deodorize the odors, can help to strengthen the coat and stimulate its growth. This essential oil has also an insect-repellent properties (especially against mosquitoes)
  • Levander Angustifolia are highly-praised for stimulating hair growth and protecting against breakage. In addition, this essential oil can help to fight against coat loss, baldness and suppress the itchiness of scalp and dandruff.


* The effectiveness of the A’Scentuals Coat Growth blend of essential oils has been approved by the results of tests, carried out at the Tauro Kennel.


INGREDIENTS: Lavandula angustifolia, Salvia sclarea, Cedrus atlantica, Rosmarinus officinalis.


- Add 1-3 drops of essential oil to the shampoo or balm, mix and massage into the pet’s coat, then rinse.
- Mix 1-3 drops of essential oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil and rub into the pet’s coat, leave for 30 minutes, then bathe with shampoo and rinse.
- Add 1-3 drops of essential oil in a 50 ml bottle of water, spray on the pet's coat, leave for 30 minutes, then bathe with shampoo and rinse.


WARNING: for external use only. It must be diluted with carrier oil when applied directly to the coat or skin. Avoid contact with eyes, nose or mouth.